dance classes from 2 years at kathys dancenter in clementon nj

The Foundation Level – First Steps

All dancers who participate in the First Steps classes have a huge advantage in subsequent dance training whether they want to continue in ballet and tap or pursue training in jazz, hip hop or lyrical.

Mommy/Daddy & Me (2-3 yrs)

This class is for our youngest dancers, providing a basic introduction to music and movement. Moms, Dads or adult caretakers participate with their child providing encouragement and discipline while the teacher leads the class. Class format includes warm-up & stretch, dance moves, activities including bean bags, hula hoops and other props as well as the most basic tumbling skills. Dancers learn to share, take turns, work within a group, follow instructions – in other words, life skills!!

Intro Dance/Tumbling (3-4 yrs)

Exploring creative movement through a variety of song and dance rhythms geared to the pre-school level, this class uses imagination and interaction with classmates. Very basic dance sequences are taught after warming up and stretching. We add basic tumbling at the end of the class to help develop flexibility and strength.

This is the youngest level to take class without a parent and to perform in our June recital. The “babies” as they are affectionately known in the dance studio world always, ALWAYS stop the show! A guaranteed favorite. Our munchkins have performed a variety of “character” roles such as mermaids (“Under the Sea”), dalmations (“Who Let the Dogs Out?”) and dancing M & M’s (“Candy Man”).

Intro Ballet/Tumbling (4-5 yrs)

Ballet fundamentals are introduced in the proper French terminology with basic barre exercises, center floor work and simple dance combinations. Holding the dancers’ attention is a challenge at this age; a full technical class would be too much. So we add songs and dance “games” that help develop balance, left/right orientation and co-ordination.

Tumbling mat activities at the end of class round out this fun intro to the most revered of dance disciplines.

Combo Ballet/Tap (5-8 yrs)

This two-part class maintains a strong emphasis on ballet development and terminology while adding the rhythm and timing of basic tap skills. We start at the ballet barre for warm-up and stretch, progressing to center floor combinations and connecting steps. Elementary level ballet technique is introduced, proper form for execution of steps. We add the rhythm and timing of tap, providing a great foundation for the young dancer.


Please check our Schedule for details of classes being held at Kathy’s Dancenter this season. For more information about any of our dance classes, please contact Kathy’s Dancenter at (856) 627-6600 or contact us online.