ballet, lyrical, jazz and tap classes at kathys dancenter in clementon nj

Step Up Dance Classes

We recommend students with no prior dance experience start with our First Steps dance classes, which are designed to create a solid dance foundation.

Ballet Technique (7 yrs & up)

The basic fundamental in dance.

Ballet is very beneficial for all dancers with its firm technique and discipline. It develops strength, flow of movement, balance and the proper body alignment necessary to prevent injury. These skills enable the dancer to move with freedom and grace. We strongly recommend that our students receive some ballet training to broaden their overall dancing skills and movement vocabulary. Many athletes have taken ballet to supplement their abilities in sports.

Classwork consists of barre work, stretch, center floor exercises and combinations, progressive jumps and turns according to class level.

Lyrical (Teen & adult)

Lyrical dance can best be described as modern or contemporary ballet. Prior ballet training is necessary.

In most lyrical practice and performance, there is more freedom of movement and expression than in classical ballet. Dancers have the opportunity to act out the emotion of the music through the choreography, making this a wonderful expression of movement for the trained dancer.

Lyrical classwork entails barre work, floor barre, stretch, center floor steps and dance combinations, jumps & turns, challenging the student to extend their ballet technique into this interpretive dance form.

Jazz & Hip Hop (7 yrs & up)

The most varied and stylized form of dance, jazz movement can be found from Broadway to video to funky rhythm and sultry blues. Hip Hop is a form of jazz, “street jazz” to be exact. Both jazz and hip hop classes start with basic isolation exercises, floor stretch, progressing to dance combinations, jumps & turns through a wide variety of music & style. The Dancenter is known for it’s innovative choreography in the many upbeat flavors of jazz and hip hop dance.

Tap (7 yrs & up)

The truly “American” dance form, from the hoofers of yesterday to the phenomenons of the tap world today, it’s all about rhythm and timing. Tap styles have been greatly influenced by other dance forms including jazz and hip hop. This class helps the dancer develop their musical sense, working with varied tempos and rhythms, while concentrating on speed through small motor co-ordination. We usually start “a cappella” (no music) so the dancers can hear their feet, enabling them to develop a greater sense of timing, crucial to becoming a good tapper.

Pointe (Pre-teen through Adult)

The ultimate in ballet technique, pointe class is for the most dedicated and serious ballet student. Pointe is an extremely demanding art form and only those dancers willing to devote the time and energy for regular practice will excel.

A pre-requisite of ballet technique classes is essential. Students are admitted to pointe class on an individual basis after careful evaluation of their technical level.


Please check our Schedule for details of classes being held at Kathy’s Dancenter this season.  For more information about any of our dance classes, please contact Kathy’s Dancenter at (856) 627-6600 or contact us online.