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You’re Never Too Young To Dance

You are never too young to start dancing and, in fact, the younger you start the better as dance can provide you with a strong foundation of general life skills.  At Kathy’s Dancenter we teach children as young as two years old.  As a First Step we encourage you to bring your little ones to our Mommy (Daddy) & Me classes.  Children who attend these have the easiest time moving into our other dance classes and it proves to be a great bonding experience for both child and parent.

Our Mommy & Me class is a great way for your little one to start developing coordination, social skills and understanding the connection of music to movement. Being a toddler is all about action and more action so we keep things lively and engaging, incorporating general movement and music to keep the interest.  A typical dance class includes warm-up and stretching, dance moves, other fun activities including bean bags, hula hoops and other props as well as the most basic tumbling skills.  We aim to develop a love of dance, which can be built upon as your little ones progresses into our Introductory Dance/Tumbling class.

For more information about our Mommy (Daddy) & Me class, please call Kathy’s Dancenter at (856) 627-6600 or contact us online.


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